ADU Meaning And Why You’ll Want One For Your Home

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Your family is either outgrowing your home or you need to create room for ones who need to move in with you. Bottom line, you don’t have enough room in your home.

This is why you’re considering adding an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to your home. But, when it comes to ADU meaning, what do people mean?

You can find out right here! If you decide to get one, you can rely on Home Pride Construction, Inc to create an incredible ADU. Clients in and around Pacifica, California, are still contacting us to help them install one for their loved ones.

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But first, let’s dive deeper into the meaning of an ADU.

ADU Meaning

An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is basically a tiny apartment or house you install on your property alongside your primary home. They are often used to either house family members or are rented out for additional income. People also call them in-law units, backyard cottages, granny flats, and more.

For it to fit with the proper ADU meaning, it must have living, sleeping, eating, and cooking spaces. Not everywhere can have one. Differing zoning laws may prevent or change the type of Accessory Dwelling Unit you can build.

You can install your ADU as a separate building or attach it to a part of your home. So, it can be over the garage, in the basement, or a stand-alone building. It doesn’t have to have an entrance to the main home. However, the water and energy connections are often the same.

What Are JADUs?

A JADU is a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit. The main difference between JADUs and ADUs are the sizes. A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit must take up no more than 500 square foot total. JADUs may also share certain parts of the main home. Some are also just repurposed spaces.

California’s ADU Funding For Homeowners

CalHFA has an ADU Grant Program that went into effect on September 20, 2021. The grant can provide up to $25,000 in reimbursements to homeowners for the predevelopment costs of building and occupying an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Pros of ADUs

ADUs are a fantastic addition to larger families and people who love to host their loved ones for extended stays.

  • ADUs are an affordable living space people in California can more easily build. You don’t have to buy land, create a new major infrastructure, or many other costs that come with building a new living space
  • You can rent it out as an additional source of income, whether that’s to family, friends, or through a business like AirBnB
  • They are less costly to build as they are built with a more cost-effective wood frame construction
  • Accessory Dwelling Units can allow families to live near each other while maintaining privacy
  • Suited for anyone from couples to families to seniors
  • Older people can move into an Accessory Dwelling Unit and rent out the primary building if it gets to be too big of a space for them

Cons Of ADUs

Unfortunately, ADUs may not be the best investment for every family.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units can still take a good deal of time and planning to build as they have to meet certain living space requirements
  • Zoning laws for ADUs change from city to city, such as some properties with Accessory Dwelling Units need to have the owners living on the property
  • Accessory Dwelling Units can be expensive, especially if there is a material shortage (like with the 2021/2022 lumber shortage)
  • Property taxes tend to increase with the addition of another living space, which can lessen the amount you can get back by renting it out
  • You’ll have less outdoor living space for gardens, water features, and other projects

How Much Can ADUs Cost?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit can cost anywhere from around $10,000 to over $400,000. The price will change depending on the size of the space you want to create, your location and zoning laws, the quality of ADU you want, your choice of materials, amenities, finishes, and the final touches.

It’s good to keep in mind that cost also includes increased property tax. This can reduce the amount you can make if you decide to rent out your ADU to anyone.

Do ADUs Add Value To Homes?

Yes, though the actual amount can be hard to calculate. The value mostly depends on what the market determines at the time. Plus, it’s hard to know the return on investment until you sell your property.

Now, ADUs can add non-monetary value to your home. If you can care for an elderly family member or help your recently college graduated child get on their feet, that’s a value you can’t put a price on. This is an excellent selling point that can help increase the return on investment for you.

Do ADUs Have To Have A Kitchen?

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For the most part ADUs need to have a kitchen. Zoning laws can change what kind of kitchen, such as a full kitchen or a kitchenette. You can consult Home Pride Construction, Inc with your Accessory Dwelling Unit project to see what kind of kitchen it needs.

Talk To Home Pride Construction, Inc About Your ADU Project

An ADU is an excellent addition to homes. You don’t even have to build one just to let other people use it. It can be a great “getaway” for family nights or if you want some peace and quiet. You can turn it into your personal escape.

Whether it’s for you or loved ones, or even people renting it out for a weekend, you want it to be built to a higher standard. This way you know your loved ones are taken care of and any renters will have an enjoyable stay.

If it’s time to expand the amount of living space you have in your home or on your property, fill out our contact form! We’d love to talk about your Accessory Dwelling Unit project with you.