8 Things To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Island Lighting

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Butcher block kitchen island with two pendant lights

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and how you furnish it is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere.

Whether you want your island to be the focal point of the kitchen or have enough illumination for occasional entertainment, your kitchen island lighting selection plays a big part in achieving your goals. For homeowners with islands, lighting is crucial to make this area of the kitchen pop.

When selecting the ideal island lighting, there are many things to consider. Although choosing the right fixtures is challenging with so many options available, the following factors will ultimately affect your final decision and help you find the best lighting.

1. The Kitchen Island’s Size

One of the first things homeowners should consider is how much space they have for lighting. Your island’s size will ultimately determine this.

The perfect kitchen island lighting shouldn’t extend beyond the perimeter of your island. It’s best to know your kitchen island’s dimensions to avoid choosing lights that are too big. Knowing the island’s measurements will also help you determine how many lights can fit.

2. The Light Fixture’s Height

Pendant lights set high over island

A light fixture that’s too low could obstruct your vision, while a fixture that’s too high won’t light the space properly. Typically, leaving between 30 and 36 inches of space between the island’s countertop and the bottom of the fixture is ideal. 

Many homes have a floor-to-ceiling height of nine feet. Therefore, lights should hang around six feet above your kitchen’s floor. If you choose low-hanging lights, you’ll need to adjust your calculations accordingly by subtracting six feet from your total room height.

3. Costs

Your budget is another critical factor in determining which fixtures you’ll get.

More expensive options will limit how many fixtures you can afford. The last thing you want is to select an alternative that’s too much of a stretch for your finances.

Not all kitchen island lighting is expensive. Affordable options exist that are just as attractive as high-end light fixtures. Decide how much you can spend on each fixture by dividing your budget by the total number of lights you need.

4. The Island’s Functions

One pendant light over smaller island

How will you use the kitchen island? Will it be a space for cooking and preparing meals, or will your family eat there? What about both?

Specific tasks require enough light for you to complete them safely, and island lighting offers exactly this. Choose lighting that will fit the primary function of your island.

Brighter, more open fixtures will shed ample light for various tasks on your island. More enclosed bulbs with glass shades provide a gentle glow. Additionally, consider a dimmable option to take advantage of your lighting’s versatility.

5. Lighting Purpose

Your reason for getting kitchen island lighting and what it will do for your space is also something to ponder.

Not all lights have the same purpose. Do you want an accent light, or do you want your island to be the focal point of your kitchen? 

Consider adding color to make your island pop. Pick vibrant light fixtures that match the rest of your kitchen’s theme to draw the eye to it. Alternatively, use muted colors to soften the focus away from the island and provide ambiance to a busy kitchen.

6. Fixture Amount and Placement

Orb pendant lights over island

Your island’s size limits how many fixtures you can hang above it.

Since it’s best practice for fixtures to fit directly above the island, your planned lighting scheme and placement will also determine how many you can fit. 

Depending on the fixture’s size, it’s common to fit two to three above your island. Large islands may accommodate four lights. Even if your kitchen already has lighting, having multiple fixtures above your island is beneficial as it gives options between lighting the whole room and a portion.

You can also choose a chandelier if you want one larger light fixture above your island.

The lighting placement and scheme help set the mood. Direct lighting is perfect for working at the island, while angled lighting adds natural illumination without leaving you in the dark.

7. Lighting Type

There are several different lighting types available.

The best type for your kitchen island will depend on the available space, your kitchen’s style, and your preferences. Your kitchen island lighting type will also determine how many fixtures you can afford and fit above your island.

Common options include pendant lights for their singular hanging fixture style and chandeliers for homeowners who want an elegant and intricate lighting solution. These are the two most popular options offering a luxurious feel. They also provide many different fixture styles to suit various décors.

Track lights allow you to change the ambiance and lighting scheme while the fixtures remain higher up, tucked out of the way. They work well in minimalist and modern kitchens.

8. Dimming Capabilities

Dim kitchen island lights

Ambient lighting is ideal for setting the mood for entertaining guests but may not provide enough illumination for everyday tasks. For extra versatility, homeowners should consider whether they want to create ambient light through a dimmer switch or choose kitchen island lighting with an overall ambient style.

By installing a dimmer, you can get ambient light when you want it and brighter light when you need it. This versatility helps you save on other lighting solutions.

Have Fun With Your Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen lighting isn’t limited to bland, tasteless ceiling lights. The island is one of the busiest places in the heart of the home’s entertainment hub. With kitchen island lighting, you can draw the attention where you want it and set the ideal mood for your space. 

Impress your friends and family and transform your kitchen’s mood with stylish kitchen island lighting. If you need help throughout the selection process, refer to this blog to make things easier.

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Ambience With Island Light Fixtures

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