Great Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2022 That You’ll Love

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Modern kitchen with kitchen design trends 2022

2022 is the perfect year for a kitchen remodel, as many kitchen design trends are buzzing. Plenty of kitchen remodel ideas in 2022 will amaze you with their inspiration and creativity. 

Whether upgrading your kitchen cabinets, implementing a new kitchen island, or completely remodeling your kitchen top to bottom, consider these great kitchen remodel ideas for 2022!

Choose a Theme

Choosing and sticking to a theme is crucial for incorporating the proper kitchen design. With so many kitchen trends in 2022, it’s good to research and narrow your selections down to one or two trends that fit your kitchen’s style. 

Choose the Right Colors

Modern all white kitchen

For 2022, kitchen trends include picking bright, engaging colors or a more minimalist kitchen design. Luckily, repainting your kitchen is also a cost-effective kitchen remodel idea. Some excellent colors to choose from include: 

  • A two-tone upgrade: Sometimes, choosing different tones of a single color can have a dramatic impact. You can also select contrasting colors for a unique look. 
  • Popping pink: A bright pink color scheme will make your kitchen pop. 
  • Lots of bright colors: Many burnt oranges and yellows sitting against whites and blues will transform your kitchen into a beautiful experience. 2022 kitchen design trends include having lots of bright colors. 
  • A minimalistic palette: Many homeowners also opt for monochromatic kitchen design. With the right designer, minimalistic kitchen colors ensure a warm invite. 

Explore Extra Storage Options

Kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 include functionality alongside visual appeal. One example includes incorporating open shelving to boost storage options. 

Built-in organizers allow you to stow away extra tupperware, cups, and plates. Homeowners also add bookshelves and a rotating spice rack. 

Add Natural Finishes

Sometimes imperfection makes a bolder statement than high gloss. Kitchen trends include incorporating natural textures and finishes to your kitchen cabinets, countertops, islands, and more.

In 2022, designers are incorporating more natural materials or natural-looking materials into their kitchen designs. 

Walk-In Pantries

Walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantries take storage to the next level. Besides creating more organizational space, a walk-in pantry allows a homeowner to see what they have and need. You can even turn your walk-in pantry into a coffee station. 

Invest in Smart Appliances

More companies are investing in smart appliances, and homeowners gladly splurge. Smart appliances save you time by preheating your oven before arriving, alerting you when timers go off, and more, regardless of where you are. Some smart appliances also automatically service themselves. 

Bring Back Wood Finishes

Kitchen design trends include bringing back wood finishes. Painted wood is the most popular countertop choice, but wood grain is quickly catching up. Wood finishes add warmth to common countertop materials such as stone and tile. 

Sink Workstations 

Deep and wide sink workstation

A sink workstation gives a homeowner greater freedom in washing dishes and prepping food. In addition, a deep basin and multiple faucets amp up productivity that your typical under-mount sink can’t match. 

A Backsplash as a Statement Piece

Many homeowners choose to have their backsplash established or continue a particular flow with their wall cabinets and countertop. Often this includes creating a subtle change between the backsplash and other kitchen areas. First, build on your existing kitchen countertop and cabinets. 

Add Dimensions to Your Cabinets

Designers today take the bold risk of shaping and changing a cabinet’s traditional look. Rounded and fluted edges quickly transform your standard cabinet or countertop into a statement piece. 

Incorporated Appliances

Sometimes appliances like a fridge, a microwave, a dishwasher, etc., exist as afterthoughts. However, today’s homeowners incorporate their appliances into their kitchen design. For example, a dishwasher built inside your kitchen’s countertop leaves a lasting impression. 

Instead of stainless steel, kitchen designers create appliances that match the same color scheme as the kitchen, seamlessly blending in. 

Elevated Shelving 

Wood floating shelves in kitchen

Floating shelves provide additional space while also being immensely impactful. These minimal and modern designs create a clean and practical design.

Add Plants

Large living plants transform any living space. Besides increasing visual appeal, plants also create fresher air. So, choose some beautiful colors and gorgeous vases to take your kitchen to the next level. 

Double Kitchen Islands

Double kitchen islands create more work and leisure space. For example, one kitchen island can be for preparing food, while the other is for snacking, finishing paperwork, or enjoying a cold drink.

Create a Coffee Station 

Kitchen coffee station

Designate a specific space for all your blenders, mixers, a coffee machine, and other coffee-related appliances. Some homeowners have their coffee station sitting on their kitchen island or countertop, while others incorporate it into their closets or pantry. 

Include Artwork, Lamps, and Other Decorations 

Decorations such as lamps, oil paintings, tiny statues, souvenirs from around the world, etc., add character to any kitchen. If you’re bold, you can incorporate an overall theme in your kitchen, such as creating an oceanic space or borrowing inspiration from cities like Paris. 

Built-In Dog Beds

While we often try to keep dogs out of the kitchen, many homeowners understand this is nearly impossible. Creating a built-in dog bed inside your cabinets or kitchen island means your furry pets have a place to rest. 

Incorporate Charging Stations 

Kitchen charging station

Many people can’t go five minutes without looking at their phones. Unfortunately, phones and other electronic devices have a habit of needing charging. Place charging stations inside your cabinets, drawers, and pantries to avoid this problem. 

Colorful Outdoor Kitchens

Kitchen remodel ideas for 2022 include revamping your outdoor living space. Upgrade your grilling area by creating an outdoor kitchen with bright colors. 

Kitchen Lighting is Essential 

Kitchen with multiple lighting types

Although kitchen lighting fixtures aren’t always the first thing you see, you’re sure to appreciate a well-lit food prepping area. You can use recessed lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and more to brighten up your kitchen.

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