How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

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How long does a bathroom remodel take to make it look like this

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom in the near future? Are you wondering how long a typical bathroom remodel takes?

In this blog post, we’ll break down some of the most important phases of a bathroom remodel so that you can get a better idea of what to expect when it comes to completion time. By the end, you’ll know time estimates for each phase of bathroom remodeling, as well as a few tips for speeding up the process. 

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

In general, you can expect a standard bathroom remodel to take approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Larger bathroom remodels could take as long as 6 to 12 weeks. But like many things, the answer to this question is based on many factors, including the size of the room, the number of contractors working on the project, and whether or not you are doing a DIY job or hiring professionals.

Time Estimates For The Bathroom Remodeling Phases

In general, bathroom remodeling projects can be broken into 3 major phases. Here is a breakdown of each of the major bathroom renovation phases and the time estimates for each step in the phases.

1. Pre-Construction Phase: 3-5 Weeks

Planning a bathroom remodel

The pre-construction phase includes the initial organizational steps you take when preparing for a bathroom remodel. This could be after you’ve looked into bathroom remodeling costs so you could make a budget.

Job Posting: 1 Day

Post your job online so that general contractors can bid on it. The posting should outline the work scope necessary for the remodeling job and provide details about time, budget, and any other applicable factors.

Scheduling Site Visits And Bidding: 1 Week

Once you post the job, begin scheduling site visits and bids from potential general contractors to ensure quality service.

Picking The Right Contractor: 1-2 Days

Pick the contractor who is the best fit for your specific needs based on credibility, budget, and timeline. 

Signing The Contract: 1 Day

When signing the contract, ensure all details of the scope of work, including materials and timeline expectations, are clearly outlined. This way, there will be no misunderstandings between both parties when it comes time for completion. 

Getting Permits: 1-2 Weeks

Depending on the project’s scope and location, you may need to get permits. Take the time to research local codes and find out if there are any permits involved before you dive into your bathroom renovation. Top-tier contractors should handle the permit process for you.

Material Purchase: 1-2 Weeks

Selecting quality materials for flooring, fixtures, walls, and more is paramount. Doing your homework ahead of time can also help you discover bathroom remodeling ideas that will take your new bathroom design from drab to fab. Remember that although going from basic materials to something more upscale (such as granite) can cost more upfront, it pays off in the long term since quality remodels last longer.

Tell Your Neighbors: 1 Day

Make sure that you communicate with your neighbors throughout each step of the process. Construction can create considerable noise and eyesores that disrupt their daily lives. Keep them in the loop about which contractor you are using and when the project should be completed.

2. During Construction Phase: 3-6 Weeks

Installing bathroom wall tiles

The construction phase includes all the steps that happen while construction occurs.

Bathroom Demolition: 1-3 Days

Bathroom demolition can be a bit overwhelming when you start tearing down a space you rely on daily! It’s best to enlist professional help for this part of the project to ensure safety, accuracy, and a strong foundation for later stages in your bathroom remodel.

Electrical And Plumbing: 1-5 Days

Electrical tasks include relocating wiring and switches, replacing outlets, and adding new lights or features. Plumbing tasks such as relocating plumbing or installing new fixtures for your shower or sink need to be done too.

Insulation: 1-4 Days

Insulation reduces noise and improves energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills. When properly installed, insulation creates a cozy and comfortable space in your bathroom. As part of your bathroom renovation, be sure to choose the best type of insulation for your needs, as well as use a qualified contractor with experience installing insulation in bathrooms.

Drywall And Painting: 2-4 Days

Drywall is essential for providing a strong, level surface that can hold the tile, provide insulation, and protect against moisture. After the drywall has been installed, painting helps make your bathroom look fantastic and acts as a sealant to help protect it from potential damage due to humidity or water splashes.

Inspection: 1 Day (Does Not Include Waiting For Availability!)

During the construction phase, the city will need to inspect your bathroom to ensure it is up to code. If the work is not up to code, work must be halted until the issue is rectified.

If the work is up to code, the permit will be signed off, and work can continue. You may need to wait for the inspector’s availability as they are often busy.

Structure And Flooring: 2-5 Days

Structural elements such as adding extra space for sinks or showers are vital to creating a new and improved bathroom space. Flooring installation time will vary based on the material you choose.

Vanity, Toilet, Shower, And Bath Installation: 2-5 Days

It is critical to ensure all of these components fit within your allotted space and that they match up with any existing plumbing in your home.

You can learn how to install a new toilet here and how to replace a showerhead here.

Keep in mind that if you have a custom double vanity, it will take longer to install than a standard stock vanity.

Tilework: 7-12 Days

This step of the construction phase requires a lot of prep work and drying time, which is why tiling often takes over a week to complete. You can expect a longer turnaround time if you’re getting the entire room tiled, such as for a wet room.

Adding Cabinets And Trim: 1-3 Days

Cabinets provide additional storage for toiletries and linens, while trim offers subtle flair without competing with the other elements in the bathroom.

Finishing Touches: 1 Day

Bathroom renovation projects are not complete until the hardware has been installed throughout the room. This is also the time to add personal aesthetic touches like shower curtains, toilet paper holders, mirrors, lights, and rugs.

3. Post-Construction Phase: 4-8 Days

white bathroom with double sinks

The final phase involves ensuring the work meets your expectations by reviewing it with your contractor (or yourself if you did DIY).

Walkthrough: 1 Day

It’s essential to schedule a walkthrough with the contractor when the project is done. During this visit, you can ensure all bathroom renovation elements are as planned and meet your standards.

You’ll also want to double-check your fittings and fixtures, ensuring they’re anchored properly with caulking and sealants applied around them. This inspection is also an opportunity for the contractor to quickly address any issues that need further attention before leaving the job site. 

Changes If Necessary: 1-5 Days

This is the step in which any changes that need to be made after the contractor walkthrough should be resolved. The walkthrough step should be repeated until you are satisfied.

Final Inspection: 1 Day

After all the requested changes have been made, the contractor should perform one last inspection that focuses on safety. This step ensures that everything meets local building codes and safety standards. Both you and the contractor should sign off on the final inspection.

Final Payment: 1 Day

The final step of the entire bathroom remodeling process is to settle any outstanding balance you have with the contractors.

Factors That Can Change A Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Smaller modern bathroom

The level of work needed in the current space is an important factor that determines the amount of time needed for a successful bathroom remodel. The more existing damages or outdated materials there are, the longer your timeline may be.

Let’s take a closer look at some other factors that can impact your bathroom remodeling project timeline.

What Takes The Longest During A Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Every bathroom remodel project is unique, so the element that takes the longest can depend on what work is being done. However, bathroom tile work is usually near the top of the list. Tile installation alone can stretch from several days to a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of your project. 

Another big time-consumer is anything related to electrical or plumbing systems. Electrical or plumbing work may require your remodeling contractor to hire a specialized subcontractor, who may need extra time for complex work.

Finally, replacing the flooring in a bathroom is another aspect of remodeling that can take significant time.

How Is The Bathroom Right Now?

The condition of your existing bathroom can greatly affect how long the project takes to finish. For instance, if the walls and floors of the bathroom need to be replaced, it could take significantly longer than if you were just repainting and refreshing what already exists.

Similarly, the condition of the existing features, such as fixtures and finishes, can drastically impact the timeline for renovation. Of course, it also depends on the type of material in use and the scope of work required. Being aware upfront of any preexisting issues in your bathroom can help you better plan around your timeline expectations.

DIY Or Professional Job?

Depending on if you DIY this or hire a professional contractor, your bathroom renovation could take days instead of weeks or vice versa. If time is a major concern, it might be best to go with a professional contractor who has experience and knowledge in their area of expertise.

They may cost more upfront, but having a realistic timeline and a finished product sooner can often be worth it in the long run. If a quick turnaround is desired, finding the right contractor may do the trick.

Number Of Contractors

An essential factor to consider is the number of contractors needed. If you plan on tackling several tasks yourself, such as painting or tile placement, hiring fewer contractors may reduce the timeline.


Permits are typically required when changing any bathroom plumbing or wiring. If these changes occur without one, it can lead to fines, so always double-check for the necessary permits.

Permits may require extra paperwork, inspections, and fees that all factor into the time it will take from start to finish on the bathroom remodel. Taking those steps necessary for approvals can help avoid costly delays and end up being well worth the effort.

Material Gathering

Bathroom remodelers should take any lead time associated with ordering materials into account when deciding how long their project will take. Be sure to factor in shipping or delivery times if ordering materials online or from locations that are out of town.

How You Can Speed Up Your Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Stylish master bathroom

Here are a few tips to follow to avoid slowing down the process:

  • Have a plan in place and ensure that all materials are on hand before beginning work
  • Prioritize any jobs that will take longer to complete and group similar tasks together for maximum efficiency
  • Make payments to contractors on time and work with their schedule
  • Be responsive if the contractor needs to consult with you about a particular aspect of the remodel
  • Avoid drastic changes in bathroom design after the initial work begins

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As we’ve discussed in this blog post there are many factors at play when it comes to determining how long a bathroom remodel takes.

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