How Much Does An Amazing Bathroom Remodel Cost In Pacifica?

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This Is How Much Your Pacifica Neighbors Are Investing To Create A Bathroom They Can Love Using

Investing to update or fix your bathroom may be one of the best things you do this year. A beautiful bathroom you love is much easier to start the day or unwind in.

In this post, you can find out how much bathroom remodeling in Pacifica costs. You can also find out the main factors that can cause the cost to change.

Modern bathroom looks amazing after remodel

How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost?

A bathroom remodel can cost between $30,000 and $45,000 and higher. It mainly changes based on the number of fixtures, size, material choice, job complexity, age, damages, vanities, and finishes.

Basic bathroom remodels can cost about $30,000. This can include upgrading a smaller bathroom with new tiles, fixtures, and vanities.

Average bathroom remodels can cost about $45,000. This can include remodeling a mid-to-large size bathroom with new tiles, shower or tub, fixtures, vanities, and minor layout changes.

High-end bathroom remodels can cost about $70,000. This can include remodeling a larger bathroom with new double sinks, a custom shower, a custom freestanding tub, heated floors, premium fixtures, full layout reconfiguration, and additional high-end updates and features.

*These prices are averages and may change based on the factors below

What 8 Main Factors Can Change How Much A Bathroom Remodel Costs?

  1. The number of fixtures. The more or fewer fixtures your bathroom has will have a big impact on cost. The more fixtures you have the more there is to remodel, which means a higher the cost to remodel a master bathroom will be. Fewer fixtures can lower the cost.
  2. Size. The more or less there is the higher or lower the cost can be. Larger bathrooms tend to cost more. They take more materials, time, and labor to remodel. Smaller ones can still be pricey depending on the materials you choose.
  3. Material choice. You can choose pricier materials or less pricey ones. It basically comes down to material rarity and how easy or hard it is to get. We also can’t forget about stock vs custom materials.
  4. Job complexity. Less complex jobs usually involve updating the look and not moving fixtures. More complex jobs can involve moving or adding fixtures, which raises bathroom remodeling costs. If you want to include light fixtures, bath fixtures, and/or bath accessories the price will increase too. 
  5. Age. Older bathrooms may need a lot more work depending on your vision. The electrical and piping elements may need reworking if you decide to get new appliances or lights. They may also just need replacing.
  6. Damages. When remodeling a space it isn’t uncommon to find damage that needs fixing. It can be wood rot, water damage, mold, or one of the many other types of damages. They all need fixing before moving forward.
  7. Vanities. Long single vanities and separate vanities have different costs. The installation process and time can change, which changes labor costs as well.
  8. Finishes. This includes choosing paints, stains, if you want to tile or wallpaper your walls, water-proofing, and more. It can depend on the materials and the quality.