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A Kitchen For Your Millbrae Home That Fits Your Whole Family

The kitchen is the heart of your home–no matter how big or small–and it’s a place that should be filled with love and laughter from all your loved ones. If you feel like your Millbrae kitchen needs an update, why not make it big enough for every family member and friend to fit comfortably for all those special moments?

We can help make your Millbrae kitchen dreams come true and give you a fantastic space with plenty of functionality and style that will truly light up your home.

Who wouldn’t want a dream kitchen perfect for their precious loved ones? With us at your side, you can finally get the kitchen of your dreams and bring everyone closer together in their new favorite meeting spot!

Most popular kitchen upgrades include:

A Place In Millbrae To Make Joyful Memories

The kitchen is the perfect place to bond with your family and create new memories. Kneading dough with your kids on a beautiful kitchen island creates a unique opportunity to teach them how to be creative while indulging in some quality time.

In such a special space, you can easily forget about the mess and just enjoy each other’s company.

If your Millbrae kitchen is feeling uninspiring or outdated, injecting it with some new energy can really help revive the area and allow you to focus on its purpose: creating fond memories of wonderful family moments.

How It Works

Our simple process is meant to give you peace of mind through every step of your home remodel.

Step 1. Contact Us

Call us or fill out our form and describe your ideas as best as you can. Don’t forget to include a few pictures as well, so that we can fully understand your vision.

We’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to talk more about your kitchen.

Step 2. We Get To Work

We’ll come to your place and assess the space you want to transform. We’ll take measurements and discuss the budget, timeline, and design aspects of your project.

Once every detail is set, we get to work and bring your ideas to life.

Step 3. Enjoy Your New Kitchen

Now that your kitchen finally looks like what you’ve dreamt of all along, it’s time to cherish it with your friends and loved ones.

Gather everyone together and celebrate life in a kitchen that fosters connection.

Kitchen Remodeling Prices in Millbrae

Throughout our years in the industry, we’ve seen firsthand just how important kitchens are to a person’s lifestyle and quality of life. It’s where you gather your whole family and spend the most important moments in your life. We are committed to creating the space you’ve always wanted with master design, craftsmanship, and professionalism.

Basic Kitchen Remodel*


Includes new stock cabinets, new countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and a new tile backsplash.

Average Kitchen Remodel*


Includes semi-custom cabinets with soft-close hinges, upgraded backsplash and countertops, new appliances, and a minor layout change.

High-End Kitchen Remodel*


Includes high-end custom cabinets, upgraded countertops, premium appliances, and a major kitchen layout reconfiguration. Also includes removing load-bearing walls to open up the space.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your kitchen space and your choice of materials, amenities, finishes, and final touches. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique kitchen remodel after the in-house consultation.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator

When you begin planning your kitchen renovation, you should know it’s typical to spend between 7-15% of the home’s value on remodeling work. If you own a $500,000 home, you can budget between $50K and $125K for your kitchen upgrade without losing too much of its resale value.

Besides the look you want and your favorite appliances, there are multiple factors that go into a full kitchen remodel:

Use our calculators to get a more defined idea of what your kitchen remodeling project will cost. We’re here to help make this process both seamless and exciting!

Drag the sliders to adjust your values


Average job complexity includes semi-custom cabinets, updated lighting, new appliances, new countertops, and more.


Your Rough Estimate Is:


Current market value of your home
Quality of appliances, materials, and complexity
Your Rough Estimate Is

Kitchen Remodeling Gallery

Over the course of our 35+ years in business, we've completed hundreds of projects. Have a look at our gallery below to find inspiration for your own home.

Happy Homeowners Like You Say…

Through our work, we get to know our clients and meet their highest expectations and desires. Over the years, we've proved that high-quality work can only result from excellence and a high level of commitment. Here's what our happy customers say about us:​


Home Pride is the best of the best. They are polite, professional, and do a hell of a job!!

No complaints. The work is top-notch and really listen to all of your wants and needs, no
questions asked. I would highly recommend them for small or large jobs.

They remodeled
our complete house top to bottom and everything is still perfect 5 years later!!!

Michelle Sherry


I bought a house in dire need of dealing with deferred maintenance. And I want to remodel the downstairs.

Home Pride Construction, Inc worked wonderfully with my sometimes vague and changing ideas. I am incredibly pleased with the results downstairs – now the upstairs looks even sadder and dated than before. I will be hiring Home Pride Construction to do the upstairs later this year.

The workmen were skilled, friendly, and professional.

The value of my house went up 15% after the remodel.



Home Pride Construction did an amazing job on our project. We doubled the square footage of our house adding a second story. They were easy to work with and completed the project on time within budget. We would highly recommend them!

Julianne Margaret

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a kitchen remodel with Home Pride Construction varies depending on the scope of the project and your choice of materials, amenities, finishes, and final touches. On average, homeowners spend between 7-15% of their home’s value on a kitchen remodel. For a $500,000 home, this means a budget between $35,000 and $75,000. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique kitchen remodel after the in-house consultation.

The timeline for a kitchen remodel with Home Pride Construction depends on the complexity and size of the project. Once every detail is set during the in-home consultation, we get to work and keep you updated throughout the process.

Home Pride Construction offers a variety of lighting options for kitchen remodels, including under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and pendant lighting. These options can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Yes, Home Pride Construction offers kitchen island installations as part of their kitchen remodeling services. A kitchen island can provide additional workspace, storage, and seating, enhancing the functionality and style of your kitchen.

Transform Your Millbrae Kitchen Into The Space You've Always Dreamed Of