Second Story Addition In Pacifica: An Essential Guide

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Your Pacifica home is your ultimate comfort space. Whether after a long day’s work or a family vacation, you want to feel unrestricted whenever you return home. At some point, you may conclude that your home no longer has the room to satisfy your needs.

You have a couple of options when you feel cramped inside your home. One of those options is to move, but deciding to do so can be difficult. Moving to a new home means uprooting some aspects of your current life, including leaving behind the neighborhood and friendly neighbors.

The other option, a second-story addition, may seem drastic but can be beneficial for those wishing to remain in their current location. Adding a second story to your home typically entails removing the roof and building vertically to practically double your home’s square footage, providing you with that much-needed space you desire.

This article will go through an essential guide to second-story home additions in Pacifica and why it might be the right choice for you.

Methods for Adding a Second Story

Once you decide to add a second story to your home, you have a couple of ways to do so. Depending on your home’s layout and your preferences, one of the following methods will best suit you:

  • Removing the roof: If you want to add a whole new level to your home, you’ll likely need to tear off your current roof entirely. From there, contractors will build the new story from scratch and add a new roof at the end.
  • Lifting the roof: In some cases, removing the roof won’t be necessary. Instead, you may be able to temporarily lift the roof to allow for construction and then place it back on once builders complete the new level’s frame.
  • Expanding on a one-story section: Another option is to develop upwards on one portion of the home rather than adding an entire level. On a one-story section of the home, such as a garage with a flat roof, builders can add a new level to provide some extra space.
  • Modular addition: Perhaps the quickest and most cost-effective method for adding a second story is a modular addition. Contractors build and design the modular addition at a location away from your home. Once made, professionals attach the modular addition to the side of your home.

Cost of Home Improvement Through Second Story Addition

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The cost of your home improvement will vary with the type and extent of your second-story addition. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to consider straying away from roof removal. Tearing off your current roof to build on top of your home is time-consuming and expensive.

Instead, consider one of the other three options. If you’re simply looking for an extra room or two to give your home a more spacious feel, expand on a one-story section rather than adding a complete story.

Lifting the roof is an excellent option if you want a full new level. When you raise the roof rather than tearing it down, you’ll have your second story faster and have the choice to finish the rooms yourself if you want to save money. A modular addition can also be a relatively cheap option due to the flexibility of building at an off-site location.

You can learn more about the cost of a home addition here.

Other Costs of Second Story Addition

Aside from the type and extent of your second story addition, there are other costs to consider. First, if you have construction done on your home, you may want to live elsewhere for the time being. Factoring in the prices of hotels or other living quarters is vital in making your final decision.

In terms of your house, it’s a good decision to consult a structural engineer before adding a second story. The walls of the first story often require reinforcement before the addition of the second story, and a structural engineer can assess any other necessary foundation work.

HVAC systems, electrical wiring, and plumbing are additional costs. Each will require upgrades or alterations to ensure that your second story is livable.

Other Things to Consider Before Building Your Second Story

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There are several other factors to consider before ultimately deciding to build a second story.

Building Codes

You’ll want to ensure that your local building codes permit the ridgeline height of your second story. You can check with a city official before the building begins.


If you have a typical rectangular house, building another symmetrical story can give off an awkward look. Instead, you can consider porches and overhangs to provide an extra dimension. Be sure to match your windows on each level as well.

Reasons for Adding a Second Story

There are several reasons why you may want to add a second story to your Pacifica home apart from providing more interior space. At times, adding a second story comes out of necessity. If your family is growing and your living space can no longer accommodate each family member, you may require extra bedrooms and a bathroom to ensure comfortable living.

Another reason you may desire a second-story addition is to conserve your exterior lot space. While building horizontally is typically easier and cheaper, it takes up an area you may want to save for a garden, water feature, or simple yard. Building vertically offers that same added living space without sacrificing your outdoor experience.

Adding a second story also offers more privacy to you and your family. Rather than being cramped, you and your family will have more personal space and area to work and relax.

Second Story Home Addition from Home Pride Construction In Pacifica, CA

Adding a second story to your current home is a major home improvement step. Finding a reliable contractor to complete the home addition project is the next step after working out the costs and logistics. With a customer-first approach and a trusted team of experts, Home Pride Construction will give you that extra comfort space you want.

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